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BackflowTestReport.com Frequently Asked Questions Page

Thank you for trying a new simpler way of entering, managing, and providing your customers with professional looking backflow test reports.

First, we will give an overview of how the software is set up.  There are 2 components to it a smart phone version and a desktop version of the software.  Each component will access the same data whether you enter it from you phone or desktop.

From the Desktop you may hit the print button and it may not print.  The Print button will put your test report into a PDF file.  This can be used to print or save your file.

If your form does not print file to a PDF when you hit the print button from the desktop you may want to check your popup settings,  usually in the upper right corner when you try to print from the desktop.  Simply allow popups from www.backflowtestreport.com

From the Phone Version, when entering addresses please try not to use symbols like # or &.  Using these symbols will interfere with the printing option or email function.

You may ask yourself, “I am on a cell phone where am I going to print a form.”  This function creates a PDF and Emails the PDF to you immediately.  This file can then be sent to your customer or printed out on a mobile printer.

From the phone version, if your backflow test required repairs and the repairs did not print out but your final test values did, you may have to clear website data or cookies from the settings in your phone and print form again.

From the phone version, if your PDF displays with anything not perfect, simply log out.  Log Back in to www.backflowtestreport.com and print form again.

One of our favorite features is the duplicate button.  This allows the tester to file multiple test reports for the same property without having to retype or rewrite the address, gauge information, and company information into each additional backflow report.  This saves an enormous amount of time and of Course, TIME is MONEY!!

If you have test reports that you would like entered into our system that are not yet available, let us know.  We may have a nominal charge.  We will add Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and all surrounding locations.  We will also be entering forms for other states.  If you are in another state and interested in our system, please send us an email at dan@backflowtestreport.com or call/text to 713-518-9660.

This software is developed for the tester to aid in reporting, tracking, managing backflow test reports.  It is not a catch all system like so many of the online services that make backflow test reports idiot proof.  The tester will need to be responsible for the accuracy of the test results.  This will allow the tester to make mistakes and provide the water authority the opportunity to screen its backflow testers.




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